Cleaning Tips

Stains on your marble mantle or tabletop?

Try using plain club soda or seltzer water to remove those ugly stains. Just pour some liquid on and let it sit. You can actually watch the carbonation bubbles lifting the stain! Wipe dry and you’re done. Also great on counter tops, any type of stone or even on stained clothing. Always test first on a spot that won’t be seen to make sure that the club soda won’t hurt the fabric.

(You can always get a glass of club soda in a restaurant) just dip your linen napkin in the plain club soda and dab the spot away!

Bedroom a mess?

If your maid won’t be coming for a few days and you need a quick fix, simply make the bed and clear off the night table and dresser surfaces. That will make the whole room look tidy until we arrive for a scrub down. ( Oh, and don’t forget to whisk any laundry out of the way and into the hamper so we can wash it too!)

Chewing gum stuck on something?

You can remove it from most surfaces by dissolving it with either peanut butter or regular butter. Only use it to remove gum on nonporous surfaces such as floors or you’ll create a greasy stain. Also great for removing gum from the children’s hair! On fabric or carpet first freeze the gum with an ice cube and break away the frozen pieces.

Are your windows greasy or spotted?

Before using an expensive window cleaner—start your window-cleaning project with a bucket filled with hot water and a drop of grease cutting dish soap. Use a cotton rag or old cotton towel to wash the grease from the windows and frames. Follow with a plain hot water rinse. Now you can wash the window with ammonia or alcohol-based window cleaner (such as Windex) or just use a half-cup of plain white vinegar and a half-gallon of water. Use newspaper instead of expensive paper towels. They will leave your windows clean and streak free. If this sounds like too much work (and it sure is a BIG job) simply call Miracle Maids—we’ll come right over and leave your windows shinning.