Cleaning Supply List
Gentle non-toxic products that won’t hurt the earth are safer for you and the planet! You can purchase Miracle Brand Cleaning Solutions through our office and we can bring them to your cleaning.
Please make sure to have the following items for your cleaning:     
  • Liquid cleaning supplies (see choices below). Always have a General Cleaner and a Floor Cleaner at minimum
  • Mop and one or more buckets
  • Broom / Dustpan
  • A hand held scrub brush
  • A toilet brush
  • Rubber gloves (Large), 2 sets per maid
  • Ladder or step stool, if needed for cleaning up high like ceiling fans, cabinets, top of fridge
  • Vacuum cleaner, with attachments & a fresh vacuum bag – in good working order.
  • At least 4 fresh sponges and several abrasive (scrubby) sponges
  • At least three rolls of recycled paper towels per crew member
  • Clean rags
  • Garbage Bags – Heavy duty 30 to 55 gallon size for cleaning out or getting rid of things- regular bags for general cleaning.
Please remember if you have more then one person coming to clean your home you will want to have multiples of at least the liquid supplies, gloves and sponges so they are not waiting on each other for usage.
Listed Below are some choices for cleaning supplies that you can buy for tasks to be completed in your location.


Type of Cleaning
 Suggested Cleaning Product
 DISINFECTING  Miracle General Cleaner, Ecosafe General Cleaner or Simple Green
 SCRUBBING TUBS AND SINKS  Bar Keepers Friend, Baking Soda, or Simple Green
 OVEN CLEANING  Non-toxic Miracle Oven Cleaner or Easy-Off No Fumes
 SHINY SURFACE Miracle Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner or Vinegar & Water
 GREASE CUTTING Miracle General Cleaner or an orange based cleaner :Zep Citrus or Citrusolve & Grease cutting dish soap
 FURNITURE POLISHING  Lemon oil, Pledge, or Liquid Gold or Miracle Furniture Polish
 RAW WOOD FLOORS Murphy’s Oil Soap
 WOOD FLOORS POLYURETHANED Miracle Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner or Vinegar & Water
 MOLDY BATHROOMS In extreme cases only Tilex for mold & mildew
 MOPPING First choice is any Micro-fiber all purpose wet & dry mop   OR a string mop & new mop head

We do not use bleach or products containing bleach for cleaning. It is not earth friendly and it causes damage and bleach staining. According to the terms of your contract, if you choose to use bleach, we are not responsible for any bleach damage.  If you do not have the correct cleaning supplies or enough cleaning supplies, we may be unable to complete the work in a satisfactory manner and it voids our guarantee.
The more supplies you have, the easier it is for us to save you time and money, and do our job!